About Legendary Organics Thousand Oaks

A Legendary story needs Legendary people. Learn mora about Legendary Organics Thousand Oaks and how our journey began and where we want it to go, quality assurance, and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


At Legendary Organics, our journey began with a vision to create a one-of-a-kind cannabis dispensary that prioritizes quality, customer experience, and community engagement. Founded in 2018, our passion for cannabis and commitment to excellence have fueled our growth into a leading provider of premium cannabis products and services.

We are local residents who care about our community and want to ensure our neighbors have a safe and reliable place to call their dispensary. We hope if you visit for the first time you feel like you are coming to a welcome place - and for our long-time customers we hope you feel like we are your family. We continue to innovate and evolve, staying true to our roots while embracing new opportunities to better serve you!

Quality assurance

At Legendary Organics, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and transparency. We meticulously evaluate each product and partner with only the most reputable and trusted producers in the industry. Our rigorous selection process includes:

  • Comprehensive lab testing for potency, purity, and safety
  • Evaluation of cultivation and production practices for sustainability and consistency
  • Thorough assessment of product effectiveness
    and user experience

By maintaining strict quality control measures, we ensure that our customers always receive the finest cannabis products available.

Sustainability & social responsibility

Legendary Organics is dedicated to promoting environmentally-friendly practices and supporting our local community. Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Partnering with eco-conscious producers who prioritize responsible cultivation and packaging practices
  • Implementing energy-efficient solutions in our dispensary operations
  • Encouraging waste reduction through recycling and reusable packaging initiatives.

We also actively support community initiatives, such as local charities, non-profit organizations, and educational programs, to help create a positive impact in the neighborhoods we serve.

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A Legend Begins


A LEGEND BEGINS EVOLVING WITH CANNABIS Legendary Organics Thousand Oaks is a 21st Century organization focusing on the emerging health and wellness benefits of the cannabis and industrial hemp plants. As longtime philanthropists, community leaders, healthcare professionals and business leaders we pride ourselves on enhancing our communities and our dedication to our patient’s well-being.

We intend to be the model for the finest dispensary, employ and train the most competent, professional and responsive staff, offer the highest quality and broadest range of medicinal products and be a committed partner to our community.

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