Cannabis Delivery Methods

At the most basic level cannabis is experienced in either the natural plant form in the way of leaves and immature flowers or “buds”, or in the form of concentrated oil (fats that is extracted from the cannabis leaves or buds) that is then processed into products that are consumed either by inhalation, oral ingestion or topical application. 

Methods of Consumption 

Cannabis can be ingested in many ways. Effects will vary with different methods and concentration of consumption. The length of time to take effect and the length of time that the effect lasts, can vary greatly depending on the method of consumption. In some instances, such as eating cannabis, the effect intensifies as the body processes the medicine and care must be taken to ensure a predictable reaction. Precautions can be taken to reduce the negative effects of a THC overload if it happens. Because there are no THC receptors in the brain and unlike opioids there is no danger of a lethal overdose from the drug that would inhibit respiration.

Smoking Cannabis 

The most common ingestion method has traditionally been to smoke the dried flowers and/or leaves of the cannabis plant. This method is often preferred because of the ease of use, speed of onset, and provides a more controlled dosing technique. Dried cannabis flower and leaves can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into a cigarette (joint), or smoked using a water pipe (bong). Water pipes were once thought to filter out some of the carcinogens in cannabis smoke, but studies suggest that there is no significant health benefit to smoking from a water pipe over other smoking methods. Cooling the smoke through water may cause less throat irritation.  Regularly smoking any plant material can have a negative impact on pulmonary health and therefore LEGENDARY ORGANICS THOUSAND OAKS strongly recommends patients use vaporizers or edible forms of medicine whenever possible.

Heating to Vaporize Cannabis Plant vs Vape Pen Oil

A vaporizer is a device that allows the patient to separate the cannabinoids (the therapeutically effective chemicals in cannabis) from the plant material without burning. This is possible because cannabinoids vaporize (turn to a gaseous form that can be inhaled), at a temperature lower than that required to burn the plant material that constitutes “smoke”. While scientific studies are lacking, it is commonly believed that vaporizing the plant is a healthier form of ingestion than smoking cannabis or vaping cannabis oil.  

Vaporizing is believed to mitigate many but not all negative effects of smoking. It tastes better as well. If you are used to smoking, you may think you are not “getting anything” at first when you vaporize because vapor does not burn the throat. Even though vapor doesn’t burn, it is still quite effective. Use caution and wait a few minutes to feel the full effect before taking more.

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