Referral Deal & Review Program

Our referral deal just got better! Plus read below to learn about our Review Deal.


Now through June 30th, 2024.


At Both Locations.

DEAL: Referral Deal

When you refer a friend or family member, both of you get to enjoy 40% off! This discount is available for use in-store on the same day you bring someone in. Keep in mind, both of you need to make a purchase to redeem the 40% off.


DEAL: Review Deal

Take a moment to leave us a review on Weedmaps or Google, and as a token of our appreciation, you can snag either an edible or a pre-roll for the unbeatable price of just 1 penny. It’s our way of saying thanks for sharing the love. REVIEW US BELOW!

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Legendary T.O. Google

Review Legendary Thousand Oaks on Google.

Legendary O.X. Google

Review Legendary Oxnard on Google.

Legendary T.O. Weedmaps

Review Legendary Thousand Oaks on Weedmaps.

Legendary O.X. Weedmaps

Review Legendary Oxnard on Weedmaps.