2023 Top Sellers at Legendary Organics: A Closer Look

Welcome to Legendary Organics, where we combine the artistry of cannabis with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our selection is not just about variety; it’s a reflection of the best in the industry, as demonstrated by our top ten best-selling products in 2023. These items aren’t just popular; they are a testament to our understanding of what our discerning customers seek in their cannabis experience.

The data behind these top-selling products comes from an in-depth analysis of consumer preferences and market trends. We use advanced analytics to understand what resonates with both new and experienced users, ensuring that our offerings not only meet but exceed expectations. This meticulous approach allows us to continuously refine our selection, keeping us at the forefront of the cannabis industry.

Each of our top ten products has its own unique story, backed by innovation and quality. From the cultivation of exclusive strains to the crafting of unique edibles and concentrates, these products represent the pinnacle of what we offer. They embody our mission to set trends and elevate the cannabis experience. Join us as we explore these top selections, showcasing why they’ve earned their place at the top and how they contribute to the evolving narrative of cannabis excellence at Legendary Organics.


Number 1 – Our top seller

Revelry Grape Slushie

Leading our list is the Revelry Grape Slushie, a product of exquisite craftsmanship. This Indica-dominant strain is celebrated for its rich grape flavor and rapid onset of effects. Known for its relaxing properties, it’s a top choice for those seeking both flavor and potency.

revelry grape slushie image of bag
stones gummies

Number 2

Stones Rainbow Berry 100mg

At number two, Stones Rainbow Berry Gummies stand out for their precision dosing and delightful berry flavor. These gummies represent the pinnacle of edible innovation, offering a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Number 3

Herb & Zen Banana Cream Pie Infused Shake

The Herb & Zen Banana Cream Pie Infused Shake is a testament to the creativity in cannabis product development. This hybrid strain offers a unique banana cream flavor, balancing relaxation with a touch of alertness.

herb and zen banana cream pie
wyld sour apple box

Number 4

Wyld Sour Apple

Fourth on our list, Wyld Sour Apple Sativa Gummies are perfect for those seeking a blend of taste and uplifting effects. These gummies provide a tangy apple flavor with an energizing Sativa kick.

Number 5

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Patch

The innovative CBD Transdermal Patch is a game-changer for those seeking targeted relief without psychoactive effects. This discreet patch offers a sustained release of CBD, ideal for pain management and relaxation.

marry transdermal patch
wyld elderberry

Number 6

Wyld Elderberry 2:1 CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies

The Elderberry 2:1 CBN Gummies are a dream for those seeking a good night’s sleep. Combining CBN and THC, these gummies promise a restful and tranquil experience.

Number 7

Eighth Brother

At number seven, Eighth Brother Ice Cream Cake offers a creamy, dessert-like experience. This Indica strain is renowned for its relaxing effects and rich, sweet flavor profile.

eighth brother package
herb and zen bottle

Number 8

Herb & Zen Cookies & Cream Infused Shake

The Herb & Zen Cookies & Cream Infused Shake is another hybrid marvel. Combining a smooth flavor with balanced effects, it’s a delightful choice for those who enjoy a milder cannabis experience.

Number 9

Stones Grape Amethyst

The uniquely named Grape Amethyst are perfect for enthusiasts who prefer a moderate THC level. This product delivers a satisfying and approachable cannabis experience.

stones grape amathysts gummies
wyld sour cherry gummies

Number 10

Wyld Sour Cherry Indica Enhanced Gummies

Completing our top 10, the Sour Cherry Indica Enhanced Gummies offer a delightful combination of tart flavor and calming Indica effects, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.


Beyond these top selections, Legendary Organics offers a full range of cannabis products across various categories:

At Legendary Organics, we’re passionate about offering not just products, but experiences that resonate with our diverse clientele. Each item in our collection reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Explore our offerings and discover the best in cannabis quality and variety.