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Our Story

A Legendary story needs Legendary people. How our journey began and where we want it to go.

What Makes Us Legendary

Legendary Organics is focused on providing you with the products, education and service to help you stay Legendary. Cannabis is legendary. It has been used for millennia and misunderstood for the past century. It was not until the mid-1990’s that scientists discovered the human body produces its own cannabinoids in times of injury and why. As a wellness center and cannabis dispensary, we understand that everyone needs products specific to their own needs and tolerances, and our highly trained experts are here to assist you. As longtime local residents, we are your neighbors, your friends and your cannabis guides to help you, Be Legendary, Be You.


An inclusive experience. Everyone can be Legendary.


Heal your way.


Trust in our producers, our team, and our community.


Cultivating friendships. Supporting the community.


Devoted to supporting safe and impactful cannabis care practices

A Legend Begins

Evolving with Cannabis

Legendary Organics Thousand Oaks is a 21st Century organization focusing on the emerging health and wellness benefits of the cannabis and industrial hemp plants – which we believe will revolutionize personal wellbeing in the coming decades. Legendary Organics is an established group of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality tested cannabinoid products, service, and knowledge to customers and patients. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and educated approach to ending the stigma of cannabis while working with customers and patients to enhance the quality of their life through organic therapies. Legendary’s mission is to be the apex retailer of the highest quality cannabis in Ventura County and to specialize in providing customers with the necessary education, support and affordable access to products. As longtime philanthropists, community leaders, healthcare professionals and business leaders we pride ourselves on enhancing our communities and our dedication to our patient’s well-being. 


We intend to be the model for the finest dispensary, employ and train the most competent, professional and responsive staff, offer the highest quality and broadest range of medicinal products and be a committed partner to our community.

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